God the Able One

God the Able, I the able

God is Able, God has Ableness, thus we all have ableness.

God has absolute and infinite Ableness.

We have relative ableness, degrees of ableness.

In its deeper essence God being Able teaches us that we are each able to be and to manifest any divine quality of God. We are able. We have these divine abilities inside us. This doesn't necessarily mean that we will manifest these divine abilities, because that depends on our effort, work, practice, and perseverance. Yet the first truth for us to know, with eventual certainty, is that we are able. We have divine ableness inside us. Once we know that this Divine Quality of God is also reflected in our own soul, then next we can realize that all of the other divine qualities are also in us.

We are able because we have all abilities in our inner potential, our soul, our divine nature.

We have all of the divine qualities in our own being, yet they exist only as potentials until we make the decision and efforts to actualize them.

What God is I am as well
because God is the Being in Whom I am
and I am an instance, a life, a creative livingness of God,

I am a being within Being, a light within Light, a life within Life,
a radiance within Radiance, a flame within the Flame,
a consciousness within the Consciousness,
an ableness within God's Ableness.

God is able to create or solve anything,
From God all things are possible,
Thus, I am able to do anything,
I am able to solve anything,
I am able to be better at anything,
I am able to improve in everything I do,
I am able to bring forth more of divine qualities
in everything I do and with everyone I meet.
Because I have ableness, all things are possible.

God is Able. I am able. We are each able.
We are able in many ways –
– able to be creative & innovative
– able to be in harmony & enjoyment
– able to be intuitive & visionary
– able to be whatever or whoever we choose
– able to learn & know
– able to love & care
– able to work & help
As well, we are all able to be adaptable to what is needed and to serve in some way.

An education of ableness; teaching ableness –
Know that you are able.
Know that every potential ability is inside you.
Know that you can do anything,
If you make the effort, do the work, and practice to be better,
for the more you practice and do something, the better you become at it.
So think about what you would enjoy doing and what you want to become better at,
then visualize yourself doing it,
then get into it, practice and have enjoyment in it.

Manifesting one's abilities, with work and practice, also requires courage and confidence,

the courage to attempt new ground, a new challenge, the courage to make effort, to give it a try.

the confidence in yourself that you can do anything, if you put your mind, heart, and effort in it,

May we all develop our ableness to accomplish anything, but especially accomplish what is good.