The metaphysics of Spirit and Earth.

There has been plenty of discussion over time about the feminine aspect of spirituality, or also about God as Father or as Mother. Here is just one way to consider this. Throughout the universe and this world is the Great Spirit, which we can name as God. This is the transcendental Spirit pervading all life, including all of the earth. This transcendental, universal Spirit is the originating source and power of all divine energies, including consciousness, love, and intelligence.

The Earth is a Great Being, a living Being which is a receptacle and container for the energies of Great Spirit. Great Spirit penetrates and permeates Mother Earth with the universal divine energies, which Mother Earth receives, contains, and then creates with. She absorbs all she can of the energies of Great Spirit, then with this She gives birth to a diverse variety of life, which actually emerges from Her own Being.

So the Earth is the Mother of all life for this world, including being the Divine Mother of all human life. Let us always remember our Mother and give her due praise. May we always respect and protect Her, because She is the womb of all life. Yet life is also a manifestation of Great Spirit, because each life receives and contains the energies of Great Spirit, the Universal Being.

Thus, any real spiritual teaching should acknowledge both Great Spirit and Mother Earth; as each fulfills an aspect of the Divine Wonder. Great Spirit is the permeating Presence throughout all the world and is the Light Essence of all spiritual qualities. While our Earth is the Mother of all life and the one who takes care of us.