Metaphysics, Ethics, and Aesthetics

Philosophers before Plato

Plato Overall

Plato explaining the Forms

Plato and Creation

Comparing Plato & Sophists

Plato and later Greeks


Aristotle Teleology


Plotinus and Emanation

Soul in neoplatonism

Dionysius the Areopagite

Maximus the Neoplatonist

Aquinus and universals

Ideas about universals

Leibnitz theory of harmony

Spinoza & Descartes - mind

Locke's empirical ideas

Berkeley's objections

Locke & Hume on identity

Hume- causation & inference

Hume - Aesthetic Taste

Mu'tazila - reasoning in early Islamic theology
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Islamic Philosophers

Ibn Arabi - Man and Truth

Ibn Arabi - Path of Gnosis

Ibn Arabi - Sufi Ethics

Meanings of Sufi remembrance

Analysing the Sufi Turn

Meaning of Aesthetic Value & Beauty

Understanding Ethics

Virtue Ethics

Justifying Value in Nature

Aesthetic meaning of Tao

Heidegger and Divine Being

Heidegger - truth in artwork

Whitehead's Subjective Aim

Nietzsche and morality

James and pluralism

James and pragmatic truth

Goodman - many worlds

Husserl's Phenomenology

Husserl's Descriptive Psychology

The new realists

An informal look at essences


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