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Bringing Light into Humanity

The mind of humanity

Our next topic is the mental sphere of humanity, or called the mind of humanity. Labeling this as mental or as mind is somewhat a generalization, because it also includes emotions and desires of humanity, so it could also be understood as the combined psyche of humanity, or the overall accumulated aura of humanity.

This is a sphere of humanityís accumulated ideas, beliefs, and desires. This is different from the soul sphere, because here are all kinds of ideas and beliefs and also desire-goals, which are not necessarily true and not necessarily helpful to life. So in this accumulated mental sphere are truths, but also falsities, helpful ideas but also unhelpful ideas, truly spiritual values but also distorted values. Itís a big mixture containing some very good ideas and hopes, but also containing a certain amount of distortions and confusions and plenty of ego-based emotions. Thus, this is a field for transformational work, transforming illusions and distortions into true ideas and values.

Think of this mental sphere of humanity as being like a shell layer surrounding an inner core of souls. The soul hierarchy is the inner core, while humanity's mental sphere is an outer layer surrounding the core. Much of this outer shell is unconscious and unaware of the inner soul core. So the soul sphere is actually inward, in relation to the mind of humanity and world existence. Or, this can be understood with the vertical model; that is, with the soul hierarchy as above and mind of humanity below it. Both kinds of model are helpful in understanding.

Transformation in humanity

Next to understand is that a large part of the work of soul groups, and also of greater souls, is to radiate and transmit higher spiritual ideas, impressions and inspiration to the mental sphere of humanity; in order to help enlighten and transform humanityís overall mental-emotional sphere. In this sense, one can say that the meditational work of Hierarchy is to enlighten the minds and hearts of men and women. Soul groups will, thus, be engaged in such work.

Yet so can groups here in the physical world be engaged in this work. That is, living individuals and groups can participate in the enlightenment and transformation of all humanity, and in this way they are participating in the service work of Hierarchy. Groups of like-minded living people, who share the same common purpose and visions, can thus gather together to work in the same way that soul-groups work. So, all that has been said regarding the basic principles of hierarchical structure and work can also be applied to any living spiritual group.

Also important is the cosmic principle that higher help, guidance and wisdom will come to those who pursue a spiritual purpose -- to those who work at building goodwill, love, and true wisdom in the world. And moreover to all those who selflessly work in service for the good of others or the planet. In other words, help from higher Ashrams and Masters will come forward in response to our individual and group work at bringing more love into the world and healing some of the troubles going on in the world.

Any group can contain the spiritual Qualities of love and wisdom, and thus be a positive influence in the world; even if its members do not consider the group to be "spiritual." Thinking of oneís group as spiritual or labeling it as spiritual makes no real difference. What makes a difference are the positive qualities and principles at work in the group. What makes a group truly spiritual is the love and mutually positive relations in the group, and of the positive things they achieve. A bicycle club can be a spiritual group, or any social group, as long as there is love and good-will in it, and also the higher values known by wisdom. Then, if this group has such qualities, it becomes an influential radiance of love and light to the rest of humanity and helps in the overall transformative evolution of our world.

World Servers in relation to the Hierarchy

Advanced souls in the Hierarchy are inspired from the Divine Wisdom, and they realize the Divine Purpose and Godís Will. So from this Knowing, they transmit Loveís Wisdom and inspire humanity with the highest ideals and motivations. Yet most of humanity cannot hear or receive this Wisdom from the Hierarchy.

So another intermediary, or another intermediate step, is needed. Thus, between Hierarchy and humanity are living World Servers. These are the living people who realize the Divine Purpose, at least to some degree and consistency, and who are intensely motivated to serve humanity and the world. These world servers have no formal organization and no official headquarters. Yet they are linked together in heart and mind. They are inspired and guided by the Hierarchy, as well as by Universal Wisdom, and they are ultimately united by the One Spirit and by Goodwill.

The living world servers are in between the Soul Hierarchy and this manifest world. They actually have one foot in each, so to speak, because all world servers are people who realize themselves as souls here on earth, and who at least have some sense of soul purpose or spiritual purpose, even if they might not think about it in these terms. A world server is, thus, a soul-conscious person living in the world.

So this person is, in one sense, a living person who is soul knowing; while in another sense, this is a soul of the Hierarchy living on earth. But again, not every world server will think of themselves as a soul, since there are different ways to understand and different terms to use. Remember that two persons can exist in exactly the same group and be very similar in so many ways; and yet each might have a different name for this place and different names for the qualities they possess.

So don't just think there are the souls and then there are the living people. This is much too separatist. One can live here consciously as a soul, but while this is happening the soul still maintains its 'place' in the Hierarchy. In other words, a soul can be in a hierarchical place and in a hierarchical group, while simultaneously incarnated as a physical being; similar to how mind and body co-exist yet have very distinct dimensions.

Some souls are now working just in and from the Hierarchy, not in a physical form. Others are working physically here on Earth. Few of the great Masters are now living at this time, though they could return any time. But many of their 'disciples' or initiates are physically living. Some are working more in physical-material ways; some are working more subtly in mental and emotional ways.

Living world servers have a practical advantage over the Hierarchy, in that living beings are more directly in touch with the most current sentiments and thoughts of humanity, and they can more easily understand present practical needs.

World Servers work in two main ways. One is physical and the other is mental. They do what they can in the world through physical activity and manifestation. But many also work intentionally in the mental plane, working with higher ideas and plans for the betterment of the world. These ideas transmit and filter into the larger parts of humanity, which then influence the evolution of history.

Bringing in more Light, Love, and Good-Will

Mediating between the Hierarchy of highest souls and the world of humanity are the world servers. These are the conscious souls living right here on earth, the spiritual initiates and disciples of universal wisdom, who realize the spiritual work to be done, then work at it. They work at bringing more light, love and good-will into humanity; helping to spiritually evolve humanity. In part this is accomplished esoterically, through their meditations, through their ideas, and through the transmitted qualities of their own being. But also in part their work is to manifest positive transformations in the world, sometimes by working to create greater harmony and beauty in the world. This is all along the Ideal of humanity and the whole world evolving towards a 'heaven of earth', in whatever way one might envision this to be.

These world servers have a spiritual intention to bring more Light, Love, and Good-will into the world; most specifically into humanity, and thus help in the divine plan for the spiritualization of the whole planet. They realize themselves to be an important part of the divine plan, and that the spiritual evolution of humanity needs those who can realize their responsibility for it; since we should not simply and naively expect God to do everything. This divine plan is the evolutionary process intended by God, which is related to the whole divine purpose. The world servers are those who have realized the need and responsibility to serve the divine purpose.

World servers help to spiritually awaken humanity, using the energy of Light, through the medium of consciousness. As well, they translate the universal perennial Wisdom into understandable ideas for the minds of humanity. For as we intelligently understand and contemplate on a universal principle, a truth; this understanding goes out to many others; because we are all related in the one mind of humanity. This then brings more wisdom, more truth, into the minds of humanity.

Secondly, we help spread forth the universal Love, which is the unconditional love known in the heart, the love that loves all and realizes everyone to be children souls in the Heart of God. For we are all in one great Heart and in one great unfolding process of spiritual evolution. We know and feel love for everyone. So this feeling of love spreads everywhere through humanity. And the more of us who can stay centered in this love, the greater is the transformative power of love in humanity. Love is the greatest esoteric power. It is esoteric because it secretly works.

Then thirdly, we bring forth the energy of good-will, which originates from God. In fact, God's Will in human beings is good-will, a will towards good, and this is also the same as 'spiritual will.' This then becomes the guiding motivation of our own will, to bring forth goodness in our own lives and all through the world.

Now, if we have this good-will in us, or this will-to-good, it then naturally radiates out to others. For this is one of the cosmic laws, that whoever we are is naturally radiated out into the world, and others tend to harmonize in the same quality of energy. So if we hope that others have good-will, or that more people gain a spiritual will, rather than a self-centered-ego will, then the best way to help this happen is for us to personally become a good-will, a spiritual will, for then our own higher vibration of good-will will radiate out and uplift the will of others. This is the esoteric way.

But in a more evidently practical way, good-will transforms the world. Good-will works towards making the world more beautiful and harmonious. For this is what people with spiritual-will do. They help bring more beauty, harmony, love, truth, peace and justice into the world. They help to manifest and bring higher spiritual qualities into the world, through their personal good-will. For it is the human will that transforms and evolves the world.

A will towards Good

Some think it is God who transforms and brings more goodness into the world. Ultimately it is God, but God must come through the human will. In other words, God transforms and evolves the world, bringing about more goodness, but only through the human will. It is not like God is going to do all of this independently of us. First of all, if the human will is not a spiritual-will but rather a self-centered will, then it will certainly get in the way of any good ideas God has. And second, God's plans-for-good require the human will-to-good; for how else can God's Will, the ultimate Good-Will, come about in the world? Somebody has to help make it happen.

So in summary, the world servers are those with a consciously active good-will. And because they have will, they get things done. They get good things done. They accomplish good in the world. Thus, world servers produce positive transformations in others and in the world.

In essence, they have power and they apply it. But this is spiritual power, rather than ego self-centered power. We need to use our power accomplish good in the world. Even in our close relationships we need to apply our personal power of will. But this can be a good-will, or a will towards good. It does now have to be an self-centered personal power, nor a forcing-power, nor a power-over another. Instead, it can be our individual power applied for the sake of a higher good, power used for trying to help others, or the wider world. We need to use this power. We need to use our will, our spiritual will.

Many spiritual and religious kind of people hold a bad connotation about power. They see power as manipulative and forcing. They think it is bad to use personal power, because they think this power will force life in a way that is counter to God's Will, or they think that using power is like competing with God. Yet, using one's will and power can be in the service of Divine Will, if it is a will-to-good. Personal will and power could be used in opposition to God's Will and plans, being counter to the unfoldment of spiritual qualities in humanity and on earth; but this human power of will can just as well be used for Good and in service to the Good, which is what spiritual good-will is. This spiritual will is possible in us, and it is actually necessary to the whole divine plan. We need to infuse this spiritual will into our being, which will then radiate out and help transform the will of all humanity. And this is extremely important, because unless enough people have this spiritual will of good-will, the whole planet and humanity will never evolve into its possible spiritual destiny.

Now of course the ideal of good is rather large and can be somewhat vague, but understand that this includes all of the great spiritual qualities, virtues, and goals; which can also be simply referred to as positive transformations. It is true that people will often have differing ideas, in any particular circumstance, about what is good and right to do. But these are merely different approaches or possible solutions to the same spiritual Goal. That is, they all sense the same spiritual Goal, which is for love and goodness to manifest, but they might have different exact visions about how to get there, or how to solve the problems at hand. When this happens, there is nothing wrong with Socratic dialectic argument, as along as all participants realize the common Goal are seeking a good path towards it.

In personal life one might not know for certain the best exact direction to take, or in other words, one might not know for certain what is the best 'good'; but having an exact certainty is not crucial. What is important, though, is to have a will-towards-good, which involves one's heart and mind seeking to do good or seeking to do what is best.

So of greatest importance is the will and the seeking, generally aimed towards goodness, or whatever we call our highest spiritual goal or ideal. Thus, it may well be that goodness is not clearly and exactly defined in every situation; yet nonetheless, it is still a significant general aim and a significant general direction to work towards. In a sense, it could then be said that one is generally heading in the right direction. Then, as one approaches closer to the moments of necessary decision, one may better see more clearly what to do for the highest good. But we are all learning, as this is the process of all nature, so in this learning process everyone makes some mistakes, and the ideal of a perfect action or a perfect good is meant to be more of a helpful abstract notion rather than something fixed and clear cut.

So in summary, two principles are important. One is having some general ideas of what is good, like what are some the highest qualities to manifest and express in life, and having some general ideal goals to aim towards. These help us head into the general-right direction, even if these general goals seem vaguely defined at times. And secondly important is to build in oneself a stronger will-to-good, which is like a power inside us. It is like the engine of our boat, powering us forward. Yet this will, this power, needs to have some general direction. It needs to be headed somewhere. So we set our will towards the general Aim of goodness, or what we generally call the Good. This then becomes the general Aim of our heart and will. Our heart knows when we are headed in this general direction, because deep in our heart is a spiritual wish to be and do what is good and to achieve the highest spiritual possibilities.

Our will is our power. Though it is our potential power, since not everyone is equal in will. That is, our will needs to be developed. Yet for most people, their will stops developing at some point and they just content themselves with whatever will they somehow developed in childhood. But even if one has will, this needs some intelligent direction. Power needs direction, and this ought to be an intelligent direction and also a direction related to love. Love should be intrinsically related to the direction we have, because Love is an essential Purpose of life, perhaps even the most essential.

Thus, power needs intelligent direction, guided by love. This would be a very insightful theme for meditation. Power, intelligence and love all need to come together and work in unison as one. This means our will, our intelligence, and our love all working together at the same time, and all complementing one another. This then makes a complete person; when our mind, heart, and will are all working together in unison at the same time and for the same higher purposes.

The effect of inner work

Our inner work has a profound effect upon the inner world of others, and hence upon the overall structure of the outer world. Any it requires a very great inner work to transform of our will towards being more in line with higher purposes. Will is the most difficult to transform; it demands the greatest and most difficult work. So even any small transformation of our will has a significant effect in the energies of humanity. Transformations of the heart are also incredibly significant. So look for these. Be open to this, and make some inner work for this.

But now, for the sake of easier understanding, let us simply combine all inner work into one topic, called transformation of mind. For as the minds of the world transform and evolve, so will the outer world of occurrences and social structure. What we do and how we act in the world depends upon our state of mind. It depends upon our beliefs, our desires and our sense of values. What we do with this planet (that we are given to live upon) will depend upon the mind and developed being of man.

Mind is interconnected between all of us. We essentially share the same mind, the same energies, just as we share the same air we breath. Each of us can participate in the transformation and evolvement of mind to a higher understanding of truth, goodness and beauty, and this will influence the evolvement of all people, as well as the natural world. It is true to say that the whole world exists within each of us. There is no distance between our minds and hearts. We share this life together, so we grow in life together. When we meet together in groups or as a community, the whole world is here with us.

The world plays out its struggles and awakenings through our own psyche and between the relationships we have with others. Our own personal evolution is a creative force in all otherís evolution. How we are as a person in life, and the transformation we allow to occur within, resonates throughout and helps those who aspiring to be honest and integrated within the Divine Life. As we receive and allow higher energies of consciousness, love and creativity into our lives, and seek to express these, the Divine is able to come into the world. We become the needed receptacles, the chalice for the Divine to be here, which makes these higher energies available to others too.

The Divine needs chalices in this world to contain and make available the higher energies for others, and it is through our conscious being that we contain and resonate this power of love qualities. As we come to understand higher values and hold these in our mind, they are awakened and given strength in the world. The human being is the catalyst for love and truth in the world. It is through the awakened heart and mind of a human being that others are able to awaken. One human being who has been able to receive Divine Grace can help all others receive this. We are each extremely significant in potential for the whole evolution of humanity and the planet. If we intentionally make effort to transform the world within us, then the world will turn for the better and we will be given a very special service in the world according to the Divine Grace received.

But let us not forget to work for the good in the world, not just inside our mind, but by physically and actively helping to transform the social and physical structures around us, because the manifested realities of how we all interact together and with nature has profound effects upon our inner life, our psyche and our potentials for inner growth. The outer reality has effect upon the inner reality, and vice versa. The world does not change by merely thinking about good, or merely asking God to do something about our problems. The mind needs hands, feet, voices and some perspiration to actualize. God needs us to act in the world as physical and expressive beings. It is said that God gives us everything and we are to do something about it.

Whatever our vocation or chosen field of service, we have some possibility to help others and evolve the social-physical manifestations. Most of the Masters and evolved beings on the planet do not sit around in meditation all day, but are out helping the world in practical ways. If one is truly free and empowered with love, why hide from the struggles of daily living and worldly service? A real Master can perform inner work and service on higher levels, while also active in this manifested world. Of course, some great beings are not very active in physical service, as they have special work to do unknown to us, or are getting too old, but most who purport to be masters and sit around attended by their flock of devotees are merely lazy, self-deluded and afraid of getting their feathers ruffled in this troubled world. After all, the Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad walked about a lot and got their feet wet.