Spiritual & functional triad

The Spiritual Triad

The Spiritual Triad is: Spiritual Will, Spiritual Love, and Spiritual Consciousness. This is the Triad of Divine Being, and in essence we are this Divine Being, though this Reality is not real for us unless it is developed into our lives. In essence the Spirit is One, but it comes into being and is understood as a Triad. Each aspect of the Triad is intrinsically related to the other aspects. Yet in the world of developing beings, or in the world of functionality, (two ways of describing this manifest world), one or just two of these Three aspects might be more developed than the others, so their development is not necessarily simultaneous or perfectly balanced all at once.

Each of these is related to the others. If we see Love as the Source, then this has two sides to it. Love has a purpose, a goal, which is to live and be known. Love wills to be known, and it is known through Consciousness. Consciousness is the knowing of love. Love wills to express itself and be manifested, and life in general is the expression of Love’s will. In our human experience we can see the two sides of love as caring and compassionate action on the one hand, and appreciation and gratefulness on the other hand.

If we see Spiritual Will as the Source, then love is its goal and love is its means. The aim of God's Will is love. Love is the Goal -- the manifestation and expression of love in everything we do and in all events of the world. This is the Goal, but the Goal has not yet been reached. Thus, God's Will is not yet functionally successful; it is yet to be fully fulfilled; it is still a work in progress. But remember also that the means towards fulfilling this Goal of love has to be love as well. We cannot expect to arrive at God's Goal of 'love on Earth' if we do not work at getting to there by love. We cannot expect that the end justifies the means; like for example, thinking that cruelty or harm might be efficiently necessary to arrive at a final goal of love. This would be nonsense. Love is the Goal, but love also has to be the way to get there. Furthermore, how could God's Will and Love ever get manifested unless people become spiritually conscious? The higher Will and Love must become conscious in people (or in other words, people must become conscious of this), in order for people to transform negative ways and start to build more love in the world. So, in addition to having spiritual will and spiritual love in oneself, one also must obviously have a spiritual consciousness. And thus, all Three aspects are necessary.

Thirdly, if we see Spiritual Consciousness as the Source, this would mean that it all begins with Knowing. And what is one to know, or what is most important to know? It is to know the spiritual Purpose of our lives. It is to know the Goal of our life, and of all life. It is to know God's Will, or the Divine Will, and how to manifest this in the best way that is now possible. So one can see, consciously, that all Three aspects are necessarily related.

The Spiritual Triad & the functional triad

Human beings are bridges between Heaven and earth. We are mediators for Heaven on earth, for the Spiritual to actualize into existence. To understand this and what the human being is, we can study two triads of being. First is the Spiritual Triad and the other is the functional triad. The functional triad is necessary; we cannot survive without it working sufficiently well. The Spiritual Triad brings spiritual energies into our life and certainly enhances life with higher qualities, but it is not necessary in basic functional life. Thought, feeling, and activity are all necessary, in order for the Spiritual Triad to develop, actualize, express, and manifest in our own individual lives and also in the whole world. Yet each of these can effectively and autonomously work without the Spiritual Triad working through this functional triad.

The Spiritual Triad might not ever be actualized in one's life. In other words, it might not enter into the functional triad of our life. That is, it might not begin working through the functional. So the functional triad {of the person} can do what it does and function normally in the world, while being oblivious to the Spiritual Triad that is latent within its essence, until the Spiritual is consciously discovered within and brought into actual functionality.

In order to bring the Spiritual Triad into actualization, one has to first realize it or feel it through our functional bodies of mind and emotion, and then bring it into expression through the whole functional triad – the vehicle for Spiritual expression.

Three aspects of manifestation

Externalization means to externalize, or to manifest, what is at present just internal. Spirit begins internally. Spirit begins in the inner essence of us and of all life. So at first, or in the beginning, Spirit and its Qualities only exist within, as potential within. One might even say that Spirit begins in a transcendental ‘world of possibility’, an inner dimension of potentiality. This has also been called, the hidden world. This is the cosmic beginning, but this is also true even as the physical manifest universe emerges and even as life on Earth is going on. So even as the manifestation is going on, as it is now, there is still an abundance of Spirit and spiritual Qualities which have not yet manifested out from the Hidden (or out from Potential).

When Spiritual Qualities and Powers emerge out from being hidden within, this is called externalization of Spirit. It is when Spirit emerges from the Inner to the Outer, from the Hidden to the Revealed. So, what was once only internally within is now externally revealed and manifested. This is indeed one of the great purposes of all existence, one of the great purposes of God.

There are gradual levels of how this unfolds. The simplest and most practical explanation of this gradual unfoldment involves the lower triad. This is a triad of mind, emotion, and physical manifestation. The Higher Triad is the Divine Intelligence, Love Qualities, and Power; which then emerges from the Hidden into the lower triad, where we are the receptacles. In other words, the Divine shall emerge into and through the triad of mind, emotion, and physical manifestation, which can happen both individually and collectively.

Thus, individually, the Divine first comes through our mind, being revealed as great Ideas, Ideals, or Visions. Next, this Divine has to come through our emotions; meaning that it has to become our desire, our hope, or our heartfelt love. That is, a great spiritual Idea or Vision might be revealed to us, or we see a greater potential of who we can be, but we next have to emotionally want to this to come about. The Idea has to acquire emotional energy; it has to become part of our emotional desires and wishes. Then thirdly, one needs to put in some extra energy to manifest this. One has to engage the physical world with this and decisively bring this into physical manifestation, and a lot of practical effort and know-how might be needed to actually do this. Thus, in this gradual manner, the Divine may come into manifestation, into externalization, through our mind, emotions, and physical embodiment.

Resonating spiritual qualities

There are three main ways that we can bring Qualities and Powers of Spirit into manifestation. One is through our thoughts, by what we think and believe in. Another way is through the qualities we express as a person. And the third way is by what we do actually in the physical world. Here is a brief explanation of these.

Our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs influence the whole world -- influencing the thoughts and ideas of others. So what we think and the ideas we hold as true become influences in the whole mental sphere of humanity. Our thoughts go all over the world and can be ‘heard’ by others mentally, and they also resonate with others of similar thought to create a greater power of ideas in the world. Therefore, if we reflect upon spiritual and beautiful ideas, then these ideas will gain more power in the mental realm of the world, rather than stupid or ugly ideas, and these more beautiful ideas and thoughts will spread all over the world, touching the mind of anyone ready for them. Ideas and thoughts are not limited by distance. They go instantly around the world, which means that we are connected mentally with others, even if they are across the world.

Some ideas enlighten us and others, by their truth. Other ideas inspire us with their beauty. Other ideas motivate us to do more good in our world. So high ideas, like beautiful music, move and affect people in profound ways. Therefore think well and use the mind wisely, by reflecting upon true and beautiful ideas; this serves the whole world and whole evolution of humanity. Use your mind for service in the world and to help transform this world into a more heavenly place.

Secondly, the qualities of our being are influential to those around us and even in the whole world, because our qualities are like resonating notes in the emotional soundscape of the world. People see and feel the qualities we express and radiate out in the world, which then resonates in their own being, awakening those same qualities inherent potentially within them. This law of energy resonance is also true of our egotistical and selfish qualities, so hopefully we will resonate the spiritual qualities of love.

Much of what we resonate into the world around us are our emotions – which can be either lower or higher emotions. Reactive kinds of emotions are usually emotions of the lower personality self. These reactive emotions are usually reactions to a threat against either our ego pride or desires. Higher emotions are spiritual emotions, or more often understood as spiritual qualities. Spiritual emotions include peacefulness, serenity, joyfulness, caring, and of course love, though many more could be mentioned.

These spiritual qualities of our being can radiate out to others, and then into the whole world. Every kind of self-quality, character quality, or emotional quality, radiates outward to those around us and then into the whole world, thus affecting our immediate social environment and also the whole world.

So consider, at any time, what emotion or quality of being is now radiating out. What is the sound or the music of our being, that is going out and affecting others? Think about this. For the quality of our being at this moment, as a spiritual emotion, is being radiated and emitted outward to the whole environment, to the space all around us, then also into the whole world. These qualities spread outward by the power of their vibration and magnetism. This is metaphysical truth. So what might seem to be a very inner reality of our being, or a subjective experience of how we are, is actually a powerful magnetic vibrational force, which first affects the inner subjective reality of others, but then soon becomes a very objective change in those people.

Very easily and regularly we pick up on the being-quality or the emotional-quality of others. If we are dedicated to being a high quality of self, then we will not be affected by the lower emotions or lower beingness of others; we will be protected by our self dedication and integrity. But still we can be receptively open to any higher qualities expressed by others. Thus, in relationship with others, ignore all lower qualities, but resonate with all higher qualities. Just dismiss and ignore all lower qualities, or lower emotions, as presented by other people; and certainly do not react, for then one is falling right into this same kind of lower magnetism. Just as well, dismiss and ignore all lower qualities that might emerge in oneself. Try to disassociate from them, or dis-identify with them, then make a conscious choice to be better than this and raise the level of quality in oneself.

Remain open to the vibration and magnetism of higher emotions; for these are potentials in your soul, and they are also vibrations in the shared emotional space of our world. Tune into and be open to the higher emotions which are right now being radiated from the higher souls of our world. Join-in this collective group of higher love, wisdom, peace, and joy. Join in the group of world servers. Come help us transform the world. For remember that whatever quality of being we have, and whatever quality of emotion we have, is shared out into the whole world and affects everyone. And the power of this is much more than ordinarily expected; the power is great.