credit for this is given to Torkom Saraydarian, Symphony of the Zodiac, TSG Publishing

Full moon of Gemini

The full moon of Gemini is often called the festival of humanity, or sometimes called the festival of goodwill. This gives us a clue that this is a time for goodwill to be spread throughout humanity.

Men and women of goodwill should unite everywhere, to direct the energies of thought towards the highest vision of humanity, help bring about right human relations, goodwill, understanding, and cooperation among all people everywhere.

The Festival of Humanity celebrates the Divine Presence in each human being and brings us all united together. "The sons of men are one and I am one with them."

Once this is realized, then human life will enter a new phase of harmony, abundance, health, and joy. To celebrate the festival of humanity is to have faith in humanity and trust in the Forces of Light, and have faith in the Labor of those who work for the upliftment of humanity, and have faith that eventually a united humanity will emerge.

Right now envision humanity standing as one great family of loving souls, and all of us with goodwill in our hearts.

The energies of goodwill will transform humanity. But humanity also needs to develop more wisdom in knowing what is best to do. So, goodwill needs to include spiritual discernment, and Gemini provides this as well.

Gemini reveals a duality between good and bad, right and wrong, higher and lower, wisdom and ignorance. It reveals a duality between the selfishness in a personality and the loving qualities within the soul. It also reveals the duality between inclusive love and separative hatred. And it reveals the duality between good-intention and bad intention, whereby good intention seeks to heal and serve life, whereas bad intention tries to manipulate others for self-serving ends.

Gemini also energizes our power of discrimination between what is good and what is not, or between what is healing and what is harmful. Then also, Gemini energizes our power to choose and make decisions in favor of the good.

So first one needs to become aware of this duality between what is good and what is not. Then one needs to discern between what is good and not. Then thirdly, one needs to choose one over the other; to accept what is good and reject what is not. For in choosing the right path, a person gets closer to their essential self and eventually becomes a source of beauty, goodness, and truth; so that one's inner beauty, goodness and truth begin to flow out from one's thoughts, emotions, and activities. One feels a sense of responsibility in all of this, for responsibility is the first flower of soul-conscious awareness. Then, as a person manifests these qualities, their vehicles are flooded with inner Divinity.

We are told from Master DK that at the time of the Gemini full moon the spiritual essence of Solar Fire reaches its highest point of spiritual expression. This Solar Fire is synonymous with Divine Love. So at this time, the Heart of the Great Being, which we call our Sun, opens and radiates Solar Fire towards our planet -- and this Fire is the energy is Love. Christ is the embodiment of this Solar Love.

Love makes one a co-worker of Christ and a living fountain of the stream of Love pouring out of the heart of the Sun. Christ is the embodiment of the Love principle. But to work with Christ one must have inclusive love and a love that forgives and always helps.

Nobody can enter through into the gates of Hierarchy without being enflamed in Love. Master DK statesi: "By the pure light of love for eachother, you can draw nearer to Me and to the Teachers on the subjective side of Life and arrive more rapidly at the gate which opens on the lighted way."

Love is the One Presence in everything. When you are Love, then truly you are in everything and everywhere. Thus, love is the royal path. Love opens our heart centre and the inflow of Life energy within us. Love is the highest nourishment for our soul. All existence is nourished by Love. And beauty is the manifestation of Love.

Love helps us see the beauty in each human being and in all of nature. Nobody can see beauty without having love in his heart. We might notice that if we are seeing more beauty in others or in the world, it means that love energy is increasing in us, because love opens our heart to seeing more beauty. Love also transforms us and brings out the beauty that is dormant within us.

Love also builds a protective shield around us. Dark forces, bad thoughts, and any harmful intentions from others cannot penetrate into your aura and cause disturbances, if you build around you the shield of love. Also, love melts away hatred, anger, jealousy, and separateness.

Love also increases our creativity. Creativity is our effort to translate our understanding of nature and the Divine, through color, music, movement, dance, and words. And creativity is an endeavor to help the Great Life manifest as beauty. Love increases our striving towards perfection and our enthusiasm to serve for the progress and unfoldment of everyone.

Gemini is the third major moon, after Aries and Taurus. At the full moon of Aries the Hierarchy receives the energy of spiritual Will, at the full moon of Taurus the Hierarchy receives the energy of Light, then at the full moon of Gemini the Hierarchy receives the energy of Love. So this energy of Love pours into the Hierarchy and fuses with the energy of Will and the energy of Light. These energies all combine and synthesize to produce the energy of goodwill, which combines light, love, and will. This energy of goodwill is then released all over the world at this time. It first enters the souls of men, then penetrates down through their mental, emotional, and etheric vehicles, influencing a person's thoughts, emotions, activities, and relationships.

Thus, during this time the seven Groups of Masters, within the Hierarchy, radiate and spread forth goodwill and spiritual vision. They distribute the energy of goodwill through the streams of light, love and power.

We as a meditation group can also do the same, participating in this spreading forth of love and goodwill, through our hearts and minds being focused on this intention and sharing in this endeavor. This full moon group meditation prepares us to make contact and receive this energy of goodwill, which we can then help radiate out to humanity in its purity, simplicity, and beauty. As well, we can each release this energy of goodwill within ourselves, and perhaps also participate in manifesting groups of goodwill.

Let us meditate for a minute on the following questions:

As a person of goodwill... how will I think?     respond?     talk?     and act?

Masters and Ashrams in the Hierarchy have been given the responsibility of receiving greater cosmic spiritual energies of the Universe, then holding and assimilating these, then finally releasing these to all humanity. The Hierarchy is like a great Chalice, receiving and holding spiritual energies, then pouring these forth into the minds and hearts of humanity. We too, both as individuals and in our groups, can become chalices for the Divine; whereby we can receive, assimilate, then share forth these energies and qualities to everyone.

We can ask, "May my chalice be filled with the qualities of love and light,
and may I be able to share all of this with everyone."

Torkom Saraydarianii lists the following seven Qualities to hold in one's chalice.

So let us briefly meditate on these, and envision each of these in oneself

ifrom AA Bailey

iifrom Wisdom of the Zodiac, Vol I, p. 571